Översättning till svenska kommer snart!

Back to basic!

During my years, both as an exerciser myself and as a physiotherapist, my interest of balance and alignment has grown more and more. And today, both my own training and my treatment of clients are highly influenced by the thought of balance.

Whether you are totally new to exercising or if you have been active for quite a while, whether you have had injuries or not, whatever your goals are – We can all benefit from understanding the importance of balance and alignment, and how to be in control of our own bodies.

Today’s sedentary lifestyle increases poor muscle use habits, and we never fully utilize optimal form. When we repeatedly have bad posture, or moving with poor body mechanics, we create limitations for how our joints, bones and muscles can move and fire. This will in time create limitations in our range of motion and muscle imbalances, which can lead to injury. But not only does our poor functional movement habits lead to injuries. The body will accept these muscle habits as the way to move, and you will be trapped in a chronic pain spiral you can’t get out of.

We need to relearn how to move. We need to start simple. We need to go back to basic.

As a physiotherapist my goal is to educate my clients. I want my clients to understand their bodies, to listen to their bodies, and to learn how to use their bodies correctly. My goal as a physiotherapist is to teach my clients so well, so they will be able to remain pain and injury free in the future.

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Mikael Johansson


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